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Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Obedient Wives Club


On bed?  I suppose so!  Before I go any further on this, let me share with you some classic saying that I used to hear from my grandma (and of course it's in Malay):


I was still a virgin when I first heard that from my grandma (and mom)... So, I asked them - "Kenapa kalau nak tidur sedap, kena kahwin dengan orang Pahang?" and my mom said:  "Sebab tempat tidur orang Pahang cantik - Orang Pahang terkenal dengan seni '*tekad'".  I took it from there as it is without any 'critical thinking' because my grandparents used to have all those beautiful tekad bed sets... *Tekat = Handwoven golden tread embroidery (check out the pix below) 

When I reached puberty, I came to realize that maybe (just maybe) Pahang women were famous for being good on bed.  And then, the thinking widen into so many more assumptions and self-questioning... If it's true - from which part of Pahang?  Am I one of them? bla bla bla (SILLY ME!)

I'm not here to tell you about the 'Obedient Wives Club'...I'm here to voice out my opinion on their eye-popping statement - "TREAT YOUR HUSBAND LIKE A FIRST-CLASS-PROSTITUTE..."

hmm...that's nothing new... (How shall I put this in words?)  I strongly believe that they meant well.  Unfortunately, the word 'sex' is a taboo in this country.  Ironically, we've become very famous for frequent 'Baby Dumping'.   OK OK! Let's not go astray from the topic!

Is SEX really the main thing in a marriage?  That depends on your intention of getting married... 

People get married for various reasons: Love (there...there...I put 'love' first in line - because that's me), God, to have children, for money, etc. And for sex!  I don't believe that 'sex' is the main thing.  I've met a lot of people... they turn away from their wives for various reasons too!  Ironically, for the same reasons they got married - How cool is that??? (Not cool!)

I for one, try my best to be an obedient wife... BUT... How obedient is obedient?  How good is good?  

Be it Malay, Indian, Chinese, etc.  Even if the husband is a Westerner...I notice that MAN/MEN loves it when they get the first-class treatment - in bed, in the kitchen, in school, etc.  They want perfection.  But then again, "How perfect is perfect?"  Every man has his own scale... his own taste, etc.  Do you really want to know if SEX is the 'main thing' in marriage?  (the following are quotes from some people I know)

  1. I'd like to quote our former Prime Minister - Tun Dr. Mahathir: "It's something to reminisce..." and yet, he's still with his wife...
  2. Mr. Ebi Azly Abdullah (check out my facebook if you want to know who he is or just google him) - "I don't like subservient wife"...
  3. Mr. Rizal Fouzi (my husband) - "I don't like uneducated women - that's why I married you, you got brain"
  4. Dr. something something I met and chatted at a hospital - "Stupid women turns me off, I prefer educated women"
  5. Mr. Hanafi Omar (my former colleague back in Celcom) - "I suka perempuan yg educated and cantik jadi wife I so that bila I tua nanti, I tak bosan" - maybe he meant, bila dah tua, sex activity pun dah takde... 

All in all, sex is not the main thing - everything goes back to one's intention of getting married.  Org Islam kata - Nawaitu kita.  Allah has mentioned in the Al-Quran: (forgive me if it's incorrect) "...Good men are for good women...".  As a muslim, women should bear that Allah permits polygamy.  It isn't an easy thing for us but it involves our aqidah - how u submit to Allah.  One thing for sure - our fate is written beforehand...In the meantime, just enjoy life and cherish everything... Scroll further down and you'll find two videos, watch it, learn from it and be a perfect combination of both - Obedient + Hot in Bed kinda wife...(Some men just love the look of a decent librarian, if you know what I mean...LOL - puzzled?)  Good luck and cheerio! (OK, you don't have to rate this entry, I know it sucks)




  1. Kak Nai...I never heard of the Malay Saying u said ur grandma used to say. Emmm...interesting saying and may I quote that saying?... Something to ponder abt on those matter...i do agree with u in this article is just tht I do not like the term tht they use PROSTITUTE....which I think they have put the level of a WIFE down belowwww...Whereas in Islam, Wife has a special place where GOD has given to us the women....other than that, love ur articel. wish I have ur talent in writing...hahahah