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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Masjid Activity in KIPSAS

Assalamualaikum Dear Friends and Family,

Sempena bulan Ramadan yang akan tiba, Masjid Kolej Islam Pahang Sultan Ahmad Shah (KIPSAS) akan mengadakan majlis Berbuka Puasa dan More kepada jemaah yang hadir mengimarahkan masjid. Kepada tuan/puan dermawan yang berhajat untuk memberikan sumbangan bagi menjayakan majlis berbuka puasa di Masjid KIPSAS, sila hubungi:

1.  Ust. Mohd Khairi 017-9875782 atau 
2.  Ust. Jaafri 013-9655146.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Facing Death (Menghadapi Sakaratul Maut)


It's been pretty long since I last write ... It was only 2 days ago that I heard a ceramah on the radio about the above topic ... MENGHADAPI SAKARATUL MAUT ~ Facing Death!  FYI, IKIMfm ~ is my favorite radio channel.  It's one of the simplest access to Islamic  knowledge (ad-din / way of life) for this humble and poor servant - ME!  I'm sorry I'm very weak at names ... those who knows me well know that I hardly remember names, therefore, I forgot the ustaz's name that conveyed the ceramah / talk on the radio that day.  In short, 'Sakaratul Maut' means 'Mabuk akibat hampir mati' / 'Drunk due to approaching death'.  Why is it emphasized as 'drunken'?  Because, when one is approaching death, he will be faced with such a great fear that he won't remember anything else but 'fear of death / own sins'...Here, I'd like to share five things that we will face when we are facing Sakaratul Maut.

Firstly, A TREMENDOUSLY GREAT PAIN.  The greatest pain is death.  The analogy of the pain is equal to being slashed / stabbed, etc with 300 swords.

Secondly, WE WILL BE ABLE TO SEE THE FACE OF THE DEATH ANGEL (Malaikat Maut, namely Izra-il).  It was mentioned that Izra-il will be visible to our eyes and his appearance depends a whole lot on our way of life.  How we lead our life... The formula is simple ~  If we've done many good deeds, Izra-il will appear pleasant to our eyes. On the other hand, if we've committed too many sins all our life, Izra-il will appear 'stinky and ugly', worse and uglier than all those man-made 'ghost' in the movies... The ustaz explained further:  Once, Nabi Ibrahim p.b.u.h. requested to see Izra-il just for a short while, and Allah permitted him to do so, he got terribly scared that he said ~ It's so ugly and scary that it should have been enough to punish the sinners (not to mention the upcoming punishment in the grave and in hell).  Wallahu'alam...

Thirdly, WE WILL BE ABLE TO SEE AND HEAR RAQIB & A'TID VOICE.  What will they say?  This will also depend on our deeds.  Those with good deeds will receive compliments from them and those with sins, will receive curses from them...

Fourthly, WE WILL SEE OUR 'HOME' IN THE HEREAFTER.  It was mentioned that while facing sakaratul maut, our hijab will be opened and we will be able to see where we will live in eternity...our home in the hefeafter ... Will it be heaven or hell?  Wallahu'alam... At this moment ladies and gentlemen, it is already too late to repent.  Nauzubillah...

Lastly, WE WILL FACE A GROUP OF SATAN THAT APPEAR TO DIVERT YOUR AQIDAH FROM ALLAH.  The ustaz mentioned that normally, these syaitan will appear in disguise of people we love or trust the most like our mother, our spouse, or our children OR in disguise of people that we hate most.  We hate them so much that we forget to say 'Lailaha Ilallah' (there isn't any other God than Allah).  To divert our aqidah, syaitan will try their very best to make us say the opposite of Lailaha Ilallah or even agree to them with just a blink of an eye.  Do u see how critical is this stage?  The ustaz explained further ... Close to dying, one will feel thirsty...therefore, the syaitan might also appear in disguise of someone we love with a glass of water.  They will negotiate with you ~  "If u want to drink this, say this ..." (at this point, that ustaz didn't finish the syaitan's sentence).  If we fail to battle them (nauzubillah), only Allah knows where we'll belong...

To conclude, the ustaz said:  "Kalau masa sehat, kita susah nak beramal, bagaimana kita nak ucapkan Lailahailallah sewaktu kita nazak?  Takutnya, masha Allah!!!  I cannot write further...I'm sorry... I'm sad ...  That's all from me ... Wassalam...

Death is sudden...

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