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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Masjid Activity in KIPSAS

Assalamualaikum Dear Friends and Family,

Sempena bulan Ramadan yang akan tiba, Masjid Kolej Islam Pahang Sultan Ahmad Shah (KIPSAS) akan mengadakan majlis Berbuka Puasa dan More kepada jemaah yang hadir mengimarahkan masjid. Kepada tuan/puan dermawan yang berhajat untuk memberikan sumbangan bagi menjayakan majlis berbuka puasa di Masjid KIPSAS, sila hubungi:

1.  Ust. Mohd Khairi 017-9875782 atau 
2.  Ust. Jaafri 013-9655146.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Facing Death (Menghadapi Sakaratul Maut)


It's been pretty long since I last write ... It was only 2 days ago that I heard a ceramah on the radio about the above topic ... MENGHADAPI SAKARATUL MAUT ~ Facing Death!  FYI, IKIMfm ~ is my favorite radio channel.  It's one of the simplest access to Islamic  knowledge (ad-din / way of life) for this humble and poor servant - ME!  I'm sorry I'm very weak at names ... those who knows me well know that I hardly remember names, therefore, I forgot the ustaz's name that conveyed the ceramah / talk on the radio that day.  In short, 'Sakaratul Maut' means 'Mabuk akibat hampir mati' / 'Drunk due to approaching death'.  Why is it emphasized as 'drunken'?  Because, when one is approaching death, he will be faced with such a great fear that he won't remember anything else but 'fear of death / own sins'...Here, I'd like to share five things that we will face when we are facing Sakaratul Maut.

Firstly, A TREMENDOUSLY GREAT PAIN.  The greatest pain is death.  The analogy of the pain is equal to being slashed / stabbed, etc with 300 swords.

Secondly, WE WILL BE ABLE TO SEE THE FACE OF THE DEATH ANGEL (Malaikat Maut, namely Izra-il).  It was mentioned that Izra-il will be visible to our eyes and his appearance depends a whole lot on our way of life.  How we lead our life... The formula is simple ~  If we've done many good deeds, Izra-il will appear pleasant to our eyes. On the other hand, if we've committed too many sins all our life, Izra-il will appear 'stinky and ugly', worse and uglier than all those man-made 'ghost' in the movies... The ustaz explained further:  Once, Nabi Ibrahim p.b.u.h. requested to see Izra-il just for a short while, and Allah permitted him to do so, he got terribly scared that he said ~ It's so ugly and scary that it should have been enough to punish the sinners (not to mention the upcoming punishment in the grave and in hell).  Wallahu'alam...

Thirdly, WE WILL BE ABLE TO SEE AND HEAR RAQIB & A'TID VOICE.  What will they say?  This will also depend on our deeds.  Those with good deeds will receive compliments from them and those with sins, will receive curses from them...

Fourthly, WE WILL SEE OUR 'HOME' IN THE HEREAFTER.  It was mentioned that while facing sakaratul maut, our hijab will be opened and we will be able to see where we will live in eternity...our home in the hefeafter ... Will it be heaven or hell?  Wallahu'alam... At this moment ladies and gentlemen, it is already too late to repent.  Nauzubillah...

Lastly, WE WILL FACE A GROUP OF SATAN THAT APPEAR TO DIVERT YOUR AQIDAH FROM ALLAH.  The ustaz mentioned that normally, these syaitan will appear in disguise of people we love or trust the most like our mother, our spouse, or our children OR in disguise of people that we hate most.  We hate them so much that we forget to say 'Lailaha Ilallah' (there isn't any other God than Allah).  To divert our aqidah, syaitan will try their very best to make us say the opposite of Lailaha Ilallah or even agree to them with just a blink of an eye.  Do u see how critical is this stage?  The ustaz explained further ... Close to dying, one will feel thirsty...therefore, the syaitan might also appear in disguise of someone we love with a glass of water.  They will negotiate with you ~  "If u want to drink this, say this ..." (at this point, that ustaz didn't finish the syaitan's sentence).  If we fail to battle them (nauzubillah), only Allah knows where we'll belong...

To conclude, the ustaz said:  "Kalau masa sehat, kita susah nak beramal, bagaimana kita nak ucapkan Lailahailallah sewaktu kita nazak?  Takutnya, masha Allah!!!  I cannot write further...I'm sorry... I'm sad ...  That's all from me ... Wassalam...

Death is sudden...

More tips:

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Assalam and good day...

Just a few important reminders for myself:

1.  Talk :  

2.  Dakwah:  

3.  Advise Others:

4.  Self Reflection:

All in all, do everything sincerely for Allah.  Remember Allah and He will remember US, that's his promise... 



Thursday, June 7, 2012

Our Future

Assalam ... Good day people!  

I've been meaning to place an entry here for the longest time but I failed as I was engrossed doing some other things...attend conference, prepare some lessons for my students,  attend management meetings, etc.

My mind is practically blank after I have had a very LONG day at work.  It's very tiring but very fulfilling all at the same time :)

Thanks to all my students ... they are the ones that keep me going each day.  Therefore, I'd like to share a song about them.  The song title is THE GREATEST LOVE OF ALL by the late Whitney Houston.  Enjoy!

Love our children...they are our future 
~  Roszalina Abdul Rahim 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Masha Allah! Kebesaran Hadith ...


It's Friday...pagi2 lagi saya 'on' Radio IkimFm ... and while I was driving to work, saya sempat dengar satu motivational talk by seorang ustaz tentang sebuah seminar perbandingan agama.  Dia kata, panel yang terlibat ada 4 orang ... beliau sendiri mewakili Agama Islam, seorang Pastor yang mewakili agama Kristian, seorang wakil Budha dan seorang lagi wakil Hindu.  Yg paling menarik tentang motivasi pagi hari ni is the Ustaz's story on  a question given by the Christian pastor (kalau Pastor tu, utk Christian Protestan ya?) ...

Kalau diikutkan format seminar (bukan forum), panel tak boleh tanya soalan kepada another panel ... Tapi, Pastor tu mungkin sengaja nak tunjuk hebat agaknya (pada pendapat sayalah, ustaz tu tak nyebut gitu), dia pun tanya ustaz tu:

"Kenapa orang Islam perlu berselawat kepada Rasulullah (s.a.w.)?  Adakah itu bermakna, Muhammad itu sendiri tidak selamat?"

Jawapan ustaz:

"Bukan tidak selamat...itu tandanya Rasulullah s.a.w. sentiasa bertawadhu' dan merendah diri walaupun Baginda telah dijanjikan syurga oleh Allah s.w.t.  Selain dari itu, sebenarnya, apabila kita berselawat, kita yang mendapat untung sebab apabila kita berselawat ke atas Rasul, Allah serta para malaikat akan mendoakan keselamatan kita berganda-ganda kali"

Pastor tu pun terdiam.  Dalam seminar perbandingan agama itu, the audience are mostly students and they are mostly Christian and diorang macam berpuas hati dengan jawapan ustaz tu... Memandangkan Pastor tu dah start 'tak adhere' pada format seminar (takleh tanya soalan), ustaz tu pun ambik kesempatan, tanya pulak soalan ni kepada Pastor tu:

"Mr. Pastor, awak percaya tak kepada 'penurunan semula' Nabi Isa ke dunia pada akhir zaman nanti?"

Jawab Pastor tu:  "Sebagai orang Kristian yg baik, ya, saya percaya"

Tanya ustaz tu lagi:  "Awak tahu tak tujuan Nabi Isa turun semula nanti?"

Jawab Pastor:  "Ya, Nabi Isa akan turun semula untuk 'menyempurnakan' agama Kristian"

Jawab Ustaz:  "Jadi, awak mengaku agama Kristian sebenarnya tidak sempurna?"

Pastor tu pun terdiam...Lepastu, salah seorang audience yg beragama Kristian bangun dan tanya Pastor:

"Do you have a certain answer to that question?" and the Pastor answered "Frankly speaking, I don't"

See??? Pastor tu dah terperangkap di situ... Lalu, ustaz tu pun berkongsikan ilmu tentang peristiwa penurunan Nabi Isa di akhir zaman nanti mengikut hadith Rasulullah s.a.w.:

  • Tempat Nabi Isa turun nanti is on a tower somewhere in Syria ...
  • Wajah Nabi Isa bercahaya-cahaya seperti permata & mutiara.  Beliau akan memakai baju yg berwarna putih kekuningan, rambutnya sangat hitam berkilat dan bila mana beliau tunduk, rambut beliau akan kelihatan seperti air yang sedang mengalir. Warna kulitnya, putih kemerahan-merahan seperti orang yang baru keluar dari bilik air... Subhanallah!
  • Tugas Nabi Isa turun ke bumi ada 4: 

          i.   Menghancurkan semua salib di dunia ini
          ii.   Membunuh semua babi di dunia ini
          iii.  Membunuh Dajal
          iv.  Membunuh Ya'juj Ma'juk

  • Apabila Nabi Isa muncul di masjid ketika Imam Mahadi sedang mengimamkan solat, Imam Mahadi akan meminta Nabi Isa untuk mengimamkan mereka tetapi, beliau akan menjawab "Tugas aku mengimamkan manusia sudah terhenti pada kita Injil.  Tugas aku hanyalah empat perkara tersebut" (Subhanallah!  Bila saya dengar point ni, saya terfikir:  Untungnya kita menjadi umat Nabi Muhammad (s.a.w.) kerana agama Islam telah disempurnakan oleh Rasul kita - please refer to Khutbah terakhir Rasulullah s.a.w.)

Sambung ustaz tu lagi... menurut hadis, selepas itu nanti, orang-orang Islam akan bersatu dengan orang-orang Kristian untuk membunuh Dajal serta Ya'juj Ma'juk yang disokong oleh Yahudi serta golongan pemuja syaitan dan itulah yang dipanggil Armageddon terakhir... - (So, tolonglah be aware of Illuminati punya lambang ya?  Golongan ni, kat Malaysia pun dah ramai)

Subhanallah!  Allahu Akhbar!  Syukur Alhamdulillah, saya telah memulakan hari saya dengan perkara yang sangat bermakna buat diri saya hari ini... Kesimpulannya, lagi banyak kita belajar, lagi banyak kita rasa kita 'tak tahu'...Kena cari lagi, dan cari lagi... Cukuplah buat setakat ni catatan saya buat hari ini... Satu persoalan yg timbul di minda saya ialah "Kalaulah ada org Kristian yg nak berdebat dgn saya hari ini, bersediakah saya?'  Jawapannya:  "Tidak!  Belum lagi..."  Semoga Allah mempertemukan saya dengan lebih banyak lagi perkara-perkara atau ilmu-ilmu yang bermanfaat buat saya ... Amin...

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Best Teacher



I'm still alive ...

I was working through some office matters ... a little bit of Facebook every now and then ... checked on my feverish 7-year-old-baby ... got bored and finally came about this blog ...

My English language has gone rusty...sigh... (thanks to the mother tongue interference) ...

Don't know  exactly what to write ... but I came across this cool photo :

Cool, isn't it?

Frankly, I've done a lot of mistakes in life to reach what I am now ... 
My father and my husband has taught me the same thing ...
"Admit your mistake, otherwise, other people will exaggerate the story" ...
The question is ...
"How many of you out there can actually admit your mistake?"
"How many of you out there can actually see your own mistake and have the courage to admit it?"
"How many???"
No one knows for sure ...
One thing for sure, those who have the courage to admit their mistake are pretty RARE ...
Therefore, many stories have been exaggerated ...
Scary, huh?

The truth is ...
Humans learn from mistakes ...

Good day peeps!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

We Were Stalked!!!


Not yet in the mood of writing but I just want to share this photo here.  I find it really cute and it has a very special place in my heart...

This photo was taken this afternoon by a student who were eavesdropping and stalking us ... LOL  He thought we didn't notice his camera from the next partition to my best buddy's room. FYI, we love camera!  No matter how good you are at hiding your cam, we will see it and we'll give you our best smile :D

The one in pink is me and the one in blue is my best buddy Shuhada M. H.  We're both teaching English.  As usual, we share the same feeling of 'emptiness' once the semester ends.  Our students are leaving for their semester break and we'll be left busy marking their final exam papers...

Thank you Lukman & Afiq (I'm not really sure who caught this on camera), looking forward to meeting you again next semester!  

Until then, to all my dear students, have a safe journey home, take good care of yourself and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Assalam peeps!  Good day!  Good day!  Good day!

I just came back from Kedah (it's a fairly peaceful state at the northern side of the Peninsular Malaysia) for an M.O.A. signing ceremony between KUIN & KIPSAS...bla bla bla... All I wanna share here is my experience meeting with the Kedah Chief Minister (dalam BM ~ Menteri Besar):  YAB Dato' Seri Ustaz Azizan Razak, former senior Economics lecturer in International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM)... In conjunction with the collaboration with our college, he gave us a heart-felt speech before signing the agreement.  I personally think that it was a truthful and sincere speech from an educator to another educator...

Firstly, I'd like to describe YAB Dato' Seri Ustaz Azizan as a person whom face melts anyone's heart that looks at him... A very calm, highly educated, pious, multi-lingual (he speaks fluent Malay, Arabic & English) and humble man.  A very humble man indeed!  He pointed out that he truly understands the predicament educators have to face each time the 'system' interferes.  

Secondly, he pointed out that we should all come together and form a strong workforce to inculcate Islamic values in the education system.  This should start from us ~ The educators.  I was so touched with this point because this proves to show that I'm not alone in this world.  My friends and me bukan syok sendiri! No people!  We're not building castle in the sky!  What we've been aiming for is indeed the right action.  So keep it up!  Keep on teaching the 4 skills and inculcate the Islamic values!  Bring it on people!!!

Thirdly, he pointed out that the Kolej Universiti Insaniah (KUIN) is ever ready to collaborate with Kolej Islam Pahang Sultan Ahmad Shah (my workplace - KIPSAS) for as long as the program is based on Islamic values... First, USIM, now KUIN.  Both Islamic higher learning institution are now with us in continuing the effort of disseminating Islamic education to the nation.

This brings me to my team ~  How ready are we?  We're just a bunch of language lecturers / teachers.  English lecturers to be exact.  I for one, have a very poor Islamic education background.  Nevertheless, I do realize the importance of weaving the Islamic values into the English courses we offer here in the college.  Otherwise, the kids from the Islamic School in our college will never stop barking at our language programs no matter how much we explain to them that we mean well...

To conclude, no matter where we are, no matter what we do, as a Muslim, we should never leave our religion behind.  Islam is a way of life.  We should explore for teaching materials that can help us weave the Islamic values into our daily teaching plan.  All our English courses should be able to assist us in carrying ourselves to heaven.  The point is:  We only live here in this world for up to 60 - 70 years (that's our life span). Good English alone will only help us in this life, but if we blend it with comprehensive Islamic values, THAT should be good for eternity, the life after life, the HEREAFTER... Insya Allah! 

"One of the signs that one is a heaven occupant is when we (the occupants of the current world) look at him (or her) it soothes our heart..."

Monday, March 19, 2012

We Will Give U The Best!!!

S.P.M. results will be out tomorrow...I'm sure many of u are cracking your heads on what to do after SPM, too many choices to decide on, etc.  Don't worry too much, if you're looking for an Islamic setting college life, this is the best choice:  



Until then, Assalamualaikum!  Have a great day ahead!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ants OR Dinosaurs



Some facts on Ants & Dinosaurs (cut & paste) LOL!:

1.  Ants - Like all insects, ants have six legs. Each leg has three joints. The legs of the ant are very strong so they can run very quickly. If a man could run as fast for his size as an ant can, he could run as fast as a racehorse. Ants can lift 20 times their own body weight. An ant brain has about 250 000 brain cells. A human brain has 10,000 million so a colony of 40,000 ants has collectively the same size brain as a human.

2.  Dinosaurs - Dinosaurs were reptiles and most dinosaurs hatched from eggs.  The term dinosaur (terrible lizard) was coined by the English anatomist Sir Richard Owen in 1842. No one knows how the dinosaurs became extinct or even if they are extinct, but there are many interesting theories


Good day!  Good day!  Good day!  
ALL IS WELL (I hope)...I ran out of 'How I Met Your Mother' series...God!  I love that sitcom!!! Therefore, I decided to do some blogging this afternoon...Just to keep my rusty brain going...I need to be energetic!  I choose to be energetic and enthusiastic instead of being some lumpy-good-for-nothing-bummer!  As usual...I'll write things that are not in the books...I'll simply write anything that comes across this 'critical-thinking' head of mine...So, here it is...this entry is about THE ANTS & DINOSAURS IN THE WORKPLACE...[one of my favorite chatting topic with my late father...that old chap simply worshiped his job so much... (I miss u ayah)]

OK PEOPLE!  It's all about making choices...You can either be the ANTS or you can be the DINOSAURS at your workplace.  Ants are quick, strong, brainy and cooperative.  Whereas, dinosaurs are untrustworthy (because they're lizards - check out the Al-Quran on why lizards are untrustworthy), ugly, terrible, violent, cruel and ancient!  It's a good thing that dinosaurs are extinct...

So, what's your choice?  Quite recently, while I was driving to work, I listened to my favorite radio channel, IKIMfm.  Some ustaz (Sorry, I can't recall his name & the title of his motivational talk that morning) BUT I remember him talking about 'Making Choices At The Workplace'...bla bla bla...It goes something like this ~ You can choose to be successful or you can choose failure.  You can choose to be highly motivated or lazy instead.  You can choose to be honest or otherwise.  You can choose to be punctual (in meeting deadlines) or procrastinate.  He pointed out so many choices of various aspects in working life.  What attracted me most was this quote "Victory belongs to only those with perseverance"...It's no wonder stories about 'ants' exist in the Al-Quran...Ants persevere indeed! The truth is, the choice is in your own hands...right peeps?
This brings me to another issue at the workplace ~ The issue of CAMP BUILDING!  Well you know...the POSITIVE CAMP Vs the NEGATIVE CAMP.  O please!  Tell me all about it (Eyes rolling up)!  I'm so sick and tired of this!  Day in, day out!  It's the same OLD story... Therefore, I just stick to my principle!  I take pride in what I do.  I do what I'm paid for.  I respect the rules and regulations.  I try my best not to break any rule.  I prefer to be the subservient employee rather than creating headaches to my superior.  I'm not so good at making friends (I really mean, TRUE FRIENDS), so I don't make enemies, etc. etc.  AND I TRY MY BEST TO BE THE ANTS at my workplace :D   (Where are the emoticons??? I need a smiley here!!)

All in all, our workplace isn't the high school...SO PLEEEASE...please wear the right 'thinking hat'.  As for me, my TWENTY years of working experience has taught me to be VERY CAREFUL with LONERS, as well as the ALL-ROUNDERS at my workplace. They are either people with LOW SELF-ESTEEM or 'SELF-RIGHTEOUS plus MANIPULATIVE'. After all these years, I learned that ALL-ROUNDERS are usually bubbly and harmless.  On the other hand, time has taught me to be EXTRA CAREFUL with those 'SELF-RIGHTEOUS-MANIPULATIVE-LONERS' at the workplace BECAUSE they are extremely good at seeking sympathy and once you fall for that, NEXT comes the MANIPULATION and that's definite! Muahahahahahaha! (Evil laugh!) Don't ask me why they're like that because I don't have the answer to that, ahaks!  

That's all for today, I hope you enjoyed reading this entry and to all my Business Communication students, I hope u remember what I wrote in this entry once u venture into  the cruel working world.  Don't be the dinosaurs...BE THE ANTS!  Insya Allah, SELAMAT DUNIA AKHIRAT....Adios and happy working!!!


"The people to fear are not those who disagree with you, but those who disagree with you and are too cowardly to let you know ~ Napoleon Bonaparte"
Credit goes to:

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


ASSALAMUALAIKUM & Good Day to my dear readers...

Now, what could be the story this time?  Money?  Nope...I'm just going to make this one short as my mind is practically blank after a long day of marking essays and some peek-a-boo with my Facebook wall.  Today, I just like to touch on a very serious matter ~ DEATH!  Death is a certainty.  No one escapes death once the time comes.  "To Allah (the Almighty) we belong and to him we return" (Holy Quran 2:156).  No one knows for sure of the 'Life After Death' but we can always study the Al-Quran and hadiths to learn about it.  However, before I go further on this matter, I'd like to emphasize that DEATH DOES NOT FALL IN THE JURISDICTION OF SCIENCE.  So, to those atheist scientists out there, if you wanna challenge this story with science, you may leave my blog.  But why that title? Why THE WALLET?  Here's the story...

A few months ago, my husband told me that his colleague had to run to her hometown to attend a funeral.  At that funeral in her hometown, an eye-opening-reminder incident took place right after the corpse was placed in the grave and engulfed with earth again (Muslims belong to the earth)...Suddenly, one pakcik (old man) realized that his wallet went missing.  They searched the entire graveyard to no avail.  Therefore, they concluded that the wallet must have fell into the grave hole while placing the body in the liang lahad...(Sorry, I don't have time to find the English word for liang lahad)

After a short discussion with the Pak Imam, they decided to dig the grave again and look for the wallet.  So they dug the grave and found the wallet.  However, the wallet was not the only thing they found.  To their surprise, they saw the corpse which was initially properly covered with white cloth was already rotting within less than 30 minutes.  The white cloth was already off the body and they discovered ugly bruises on the body.  The body was badly wounded with traces of being terribly beaten and slashed... Those who witnessed were in awe ... They were speechless ... none could say anything, not even a word... They quickly shovel the soil back into the grave and left without even reading the Talkin ...

I do not know that man who died that day... neither do my husband.  I do not know if he was a bad man or not.  However, I came to a conclusion that Allah has chosen those people to witness that incident... Not to shame the dead, but to share this story that proves 'death is indeed certain' and 'the life after death is true'.  No one escapes the torture in the grave...

What confront men after death?  What will become of him in the grave?  Some people think that it's not our business but it is all written in the Al-Quran.  Therefore, it is our business.  Our job is to ensure that we are prepared to face it... When a man dies, three things will follow him to the grave - HIS WEALTH, HIS FAMILY AND HIS GOOD DEEDS BUT ONLY ONE WILL STAY WITH HIM IN THE GRAVE, THE GOOD DEEDS...


I apologize for my terrible English...I wish I could write better but my language has become so rusty :(

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Some old sweet memory in 2010

Nothing much to share...

Just wanted to make sure that I don't lose this video ... My students made this for me... Never thought that one day I would receive this honor from my students...

Thank you so much Marea Ahmad and the gang :)