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Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Assalam peeps!  Good day!  Good day!  Good day!

I just came back from Kedah (it's a fairly peaceful state at the northern side of the Peninsular Malaysia) for an M.O.A. signing ceremony between KUIN & KIPSAS...bla bla bla... All I wanna share here is my experience meeting with the Kedah Chief Minister (dalam BM ~ Menteri Besar):  YAB Dato' Seri Ustaz Azizan Razak, former senior Economics lecturer in International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM)... In conjunction with the collaboration with our college, he gave us a heart-felt speech before signing the agreement.  I personally think that it was a truthful and sincere speech from an educator to another educator...

Firstly, I'd like to describe YAB Dato' Seri Ustaz Azizan as a person whom face melts anyone's heart that looks at him... A very calm, highly educated, pious, multi-lingual (he speaks fluent Malay, Arabic & English) and humble man.  A very humble man indeed!  He pointed out that he truly understands the predicament educators have to face each time the 'system' interferes.  

Secondly, he pointed out that we should all come together and form a strong workforce to inculcate Islamic values in the education system.  This should start from us ~ The educators.  I was so touched with this point because this proves to show that I'm not alone in this world.  My friends and me bukan syok sendiri! No people!  We're not building castle in the sky!  What we've been aiming for is indeed the right action.  So keep it up!  Keep on teaching the 4 skills and inculcate the Islamic values!  Bring it on people!!!

Thirdly, he pointed out that the Kolej Universiti Insaniah (KUIN) is ever ready to collaborate with Kolej Islam Pahang Sultan Ahmad Shah (my workplace - KIPSAS) for as long as the program is based on Islamic values... First, USIM, now KUIN.  Both Islamic higher learning institution are now with us in continuing the effort of disseminating Islamic education to the nation.

This brings me to my team ~  How ready are we?  We're just a bunch of language lecturers / teachers.  English lecturers to be exact.  I for one, have a very poor Islamic education background.  Nevertheless, I do realize the importance of weaving the Islamic values into the English courses we offer here in the college.  Otherwise, the kids from the Islamic School in our college will never stop barking at our language programs no matter how much we explain to them that we mean well...

To conclude, no matter where we are, no matter what we do, as a Muslim, we should never leave our religion behind.  Islam is a way of life.  We should explore for teaching materials that can help us weave the Islamic values into our daily teaching plan.  All our English courses should be able to assist us in carrying ourselves to heaven.  The point is:  We only live here in this world for up to 60 - 70 years (that's our life span). Good English alone will only help us in this life, but if we blend it with comprehensive Islamic values, THAT should be good for eternity, the life after life, the HEREAFTER... Insya Allah! 

"One of the signs that one is a heaven occupant is when we (the occupants of the current world) look at him (or her) it soothes our heart..."

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