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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My New Sweet Pink Girlish Fountain Pen

While doing some spring cleaning and filing at my desk, I found the fountain pen I bought close to 2 years ago.  It's pink in color, made of plastic and I bought it for numerous reasons.  Firstly, because I found it very cute and girlish (it reminds me of my childhood and a friend who goes bonkers each time she sees anything in pink).  Secondly, because it's cheap but branded - worth wasting the money for LOL (coz I've lost several expensive fountain pens - thanks to Mr. Hubby).  Thirdly, writing with fountain pen makes my writing appears beautiful, classical and  very European!  Vane!  Yes, I am vane :P

And so I placed the ink cartridge in (so modern, unlike those pens I used to have which ink had to be sucked in with a pinch at the ink tube). I began to write to test the quality of this fountain pen I bought two years ago.  It doesn't appear to be as I expected.  However, it's enough to serve as a pleasant reminder of my late father and Aki.

The whole family writes / wrote in cursive writing with fountain pens that each of us proudly owned.  Unfortunately, I cannot write to my sons in English like my father used to correspond with us.  They are just kampung boys that attend rural primary school.

However, I just hold on to what my father used to say ... "It's the spice of life..."  :)

Love you Ayah...

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