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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Children and the Internet

A research was carried out:
It was found that 70% parents claimed that they control what their children surf on the Internet.  In contrary, 25% of the children claimed that their parents did not control what they surf on the Internet.  Are the parents telling the truth???  Obviously not!

This afternoon (like every other Monday, Wednesday & Friday), I had to go to Kuatan Medical Ctr (KMC), fetch my wheelchair-bound-mom and send her home.  Accompanied her for lunch and drove back to office.  While I was driving, I turned on to my favorite radio channel, IKIMfm and heard some doctor talked on a research he carried out on the above topic...It's an eye opener and since we are the Internet generation, here I'd like to share some of the information I gained - Since I didn't get to listen to the talk from the beginning, I'm assuming that the 'subjects' were of two (2) groups:  Parents & their children.  The findings are:

  1. It was found that 70% of parents claimed that they control what their children surf on the Internet and 30% don't control.  
  2. Out of that 70%, 25% of the children claimed that their parents have never controlled what they surf on the internet -- This leaves us an issue to ponder:  Are the parents telling the truth?  Or, are the children disobeying their parents' rules and regulations on the Internet use?  Allahu'alam...
  3. 40% of the children regret their 'wrongdoings' on the Internet --  It was not specified what... (God knows what the children are doing behind their parents back)  Here's another thought:  'behind their back' BUT 'right under the parents' nose', if you know what I mean...
  4. 42% of the children appreciates their parents' control as it prevents them from any misuse of the Internet.
  5. It was mentioned that there's a percentage of children who has had 'terrifying experience' when they accidentally opened a wrong website -- Hmmm...I wonder what genre it was...Pornography, horror movies, murders, CSI and what not... It can actually appear terrifying to children...
  6. 72% of the children trust their parents' care for their safety.  They rely on their parents for their safety...
  7. All in all, the doctor mentioned that the children actually appreciate their parents' guide on Internet use -- they do realize that parents' guide is crucial.

WHERE DOES THAT LEAVE US? Are you married?  Do you have any children?  Are you addicted to 'gadgets'?  Do you buy all the up-to-date gadgets for your children?  Are you a Facebook addict? I am one!  Do you control what your children surf on the Internet?  Can you trust your children when they are alone on the Internet?  (Please answer all these questions honestly and take necessary action)

I love the Internet because it is the WORLD LIBRARY.  I'm not SO 'I.T. savvy' but I have experiences hacking into numerous famous universities' library -- I guess, that's decent enough.  But what about our children?  It's about time for us to wake up and  check on what our children are doing on the Internet once in while (if not everyday).  

We have heard of many cases...I'd say, it's some unexpected stupidity...O you know, falling in love with total strangers on the Internet and being abandoned by the 'so called' lover once they got pregnant.  (Of course, the internet has led to series of meetings / dating and adultery).  Children allured by pedophiles into meeting them and God knows what happened next.  What else?  Scams, pranks, etc. and the next thing you know, your credit card is charged, money in your account disappeared and so on and so forth.

All of the above are the pros and cons of the Internet.  Our decent children are widely exposed to it.  Let's not allow our children lose their innocence through that harmless-looking-little-box:  desktop, laptop, netbook, palmtop, iPad, Tab, etc.  They lead our 'motherless generation' to destruction...they turn our children into 'potato couch'.  Let's all reverse the time a little...be conservative a little...

Let's just drop the tab and pick up a book!  
It's much safer!

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