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Saturday, October 22, 2011


Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

Good day everyone!  It's a lovely bright Sunday and I'm done with all the house chores, my children have had their breakfast and I'm enjoying the 'me time' alone with a mug of hot boiling coffee latte + some manjakani*.  O cut the crap!  Let's move on to the main topic...HUNTING - I'm not going to write on chasing and killing wild animals and birds as a sport or for food BUT I'm going to write on the process of looking for a JOB.  Simplified = 'Job Hunting'.  I don't mean to brag but all my life, I've always succeeded in job interviews (except for that one particular job in a Japanese factory here in my  small town (Kuantan, Pahang, MALAYSIA) - I assume, I didn't get the job probably because I'm fat or because I said I've forgotten how to cycle bicycles without knowing that 'Secretaries' / other staff in the company have to cycle from one building to another - served me right!  I attended the interview without doing any research on that company).  Ok, lesson learned, therefore, in conjunction with the upcoming final exam and the upcoming job interview that our college is going to conduct in mid-November, I'd like to share a few tips on JOB HUNTING - before, during and after the job interview.  This entry will share some nick-nacks on job interview (before, during and after) such as the hunting tools, extrinsic and intrinsic values, the 'dos-and-don'ts' and follow-up.

Firstly, let's go to BEFORE - You can learn of a 'job opening' through 'job advertisements' on newspaper, the Internet (thank you very much Mr. Internet), words-of-mouth (be careful on this one - some people just might wanna play a prank on you), job-hunting agencies OR you can simply make tons copies of your resume and send them to companies that you assume need you (but then, IT'S BAD TO ASSUME). And then, what? Write a 'cover letter', write the best resume you can to 'sell yourself' (check out the Internet to get some superb resume samples) and select all your best written projects and compile them in a portfolio (don't send the portfolio, it's for you to show the interviewer on the interview day).  Once you've sent the resume, give it a few days (say...3 days) and call them to follow up... to ensure that they've received your resume. Simple!  Lesson No. 1:  DON'T JUST SIT THERE AND WAIT!  After sending out the resume, call them and show your enthusiasm to work for them (I do that all the time). You push them subtly, you get what I mean, don't you?  

If you're a college student
Question:  "When should I send out those resume?"
Answer:  During your final semester.  Now, this is what my lecturers in UiTM (formerly known as ITM) taught me.  They told me not to wait for the convocation - just send out resumes and start working.

Lesson No.2, DURING THE INTERVIEW- Remember, the interviewers will not only look at your extrinsic values (your looks and all) because that's only the secondary matter BUT they will look at your intrinsic values - education, attitude, personality bla bla bla... You have to be well-prepared.  Do some research on the company, on the regular interview questions or you can even choose to search for the most difficult interview questions and learn the tips on how to answer them.  Be sure to read the daily newspaper.  Make it a habit to read some educational magazines related to your 'major' (field) and be ready to give some reviews on movies that are related to your field of qualification.  Before the actual day, make an effort to find out how much time you need to travel from your home to the office.  Don't be late for the interview and and when you 'sell yourself', try to be as humble as you can...BUT don't be stupid!

Next, Lesson No. 3, AFTER the interview, give it a few days (3 days would be good) and call them to ask if you got the job.  Better still, write a 'Thank You note or letter'... 

Question:  "How to write them?"
Answer:  "Ask Mr. Internet!!! You can find tons of samples from him"

To conclude, this is just my 2 cents...You can learn much more from books and the Internet.  Here, I'd like to remind you about sending out those resume -- Try your best to do it yourself.  Don't ever rely on others, not even your closest friends.  They might just toss your resume in the dustbin instead of sending them for you...How do I know that?  Of course I know that, someone has done that to my resume.  I was told that a 'part time' lecturer is needed and that I can pass the resume through, so I did.  I gave it 3 days and called the Head of Department and was told that she did not receive the resume and that they don't need 'part time' lecturers...How embarrassing (and angry...and disappointed all at the same time)!!! - Bravo!!! I knew I couldn't trust you, but I told myself to try again, but nope!  You can never be trusted! OK, LESSON LEARNED!  When you hunt, NEVER EVER TRUST ANYBODY to handle your resume!  Do it yourself (DIY)... 

More Tips:
Surf Youtube for videos on Job Interviews, office wear, etc.


*An oak gall.  The galls, which contain tannin and small amounts of gallic acid and ellagic acid have antimicrobial qualities and are used in Malaysia by women after childbirth to restore the elsticity of the uterine wall.

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  1. Hahaha...a very good 'lesson' to me and you...Never trust anybody except me! LOL!