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Saturday, August 14, 2010


Ever heard this word before?  RECIPROCATE...

It' such an alien word to many but quite familiar to me. In short, it means GIVING BACK!  Why is it so difficult to do it?  I don't have the answer to that question...

I believe in karma--What goes around will surely comes around buddy!  I believe in being good to others.  I believe in respecting others regardless what they do for a living - as long as it's halal, that person deserves respect and I believe in giving...in sharing...And when I give, I don't expect that particular person whom receive my gift will reciprocate...deep in my heart, I believe some day, some where, there will be someone sent from above, comes along and help me when I'm in need :)  Believe me, it has happened to me several times :)

Allah has never failed me--even to the very last minute.  Therefore, I must reciprocate to the Almighty...

But the questions are...What if the people closest to you, whom you care and love so much treat u bad?  What if they hurt your feeling?  What if they 'reciprocate' your TLC with shit?  What would you do? - Tough questions eh? 

It might look tough but it is all up to you to look at it...Do you choose to be optimist or pessimist?  I choose to be optimist if that happens to me, because I believe it is just a test from the Almighty and time will heal (What doesn't kill you will only make you stronger)

All in all, WHAT YOU GIVE YOU'LL GET BACK, therefore, don't just TAKE, GIVE a little!  Learn to reciprocate!

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