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Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Promise...

This is it!  Some time ago I promised myself to begin a blog...most of my friends are hyper-active bloggers and I'm kinda behind time.  So many things to write, donno what to begin with...

Am not in the pink of health!  I should get some rest and begin my new day with some physical exercises.  Consulted my doctor this morning and she gave me 2 days' medical leave...But I miss going to my college--my workplace--The place where I put all my will to help people (my pupils) and gain self satisfaction from.

I believe I should begin this blog with a happy story.  Last fortnight, one of my students won an English Elocution Contest...I chose him from one of my classes to represent the college and he won the second place.  Not bad at all.  He used to be one with no hobby and no ambition - I gave him a pretty long talk (nag) on the importance of having a goal, pushed him a little and tried to instill his confidence by giving him that opportunity.  I don't believe I did so much as to make him a winner but he won!  And I guess, I can't help but to say "Hey!  I must have done something right!" (smile)

Another happy story is the enrolment of my new colleagues - Yan, Fifi and Hakiman.  I hope to see more happy things ahead of me...After all, YOU ARE WHAT YOU BELIEVE YOU ARE and I believe my best time is ahead of me...See ya!

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