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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Education (and the hereafter)...

Assalamualaikum and a very good morning to you dear readers...

I'm on leave today and it feels great to be at home after a round of hectic first quarter of the year (more or less).  How time fly?  It's already May and we have so many things on our plate! While cleaning my living room, I thot of this title to write in my blog - Education.  I'm not gonna write on Experience (as the best teacher) but I'm gonna write on reasons people around me pursue formal education (high school / tertiary level).  They pursue education for three main reasons - to get a job promotion or raise (career enhancement), to switch to a new field of work (career progression or development) or simply for KNOWLEDGE. 

All my life I've experienced working in various field of work from school teacher, sales assistant at a supermarket, secretary to language lecturer.  You name it, I've done it except for Math field, I failed my math LOL! If I may say...I am such a dynamic person (indecisive at first tho).  Since Malaysia is an exam-oriented country, the nation has a stigma that non-straight-A students do not get a place in the community.  That's pretty sad isn't it?  This drives parents to push their children to study like robots - no-pain-no-gain! Or rather no-play-just-study! And I think that's crazy!  Me for one, is one of those who didn't have much motivation to study when I was a teenager.  I played a whole lot, I had the time of my life and all at the same time I just love to go to school!  Not to pursue education, but to meet my friends! LOL!  We did a lot of things together.  Being in a convent, I'm sure u can imagine the rebels within our hearts BUT! I repeat...BUT we read a lot...The indoctrination at convents are among the best in all the public schools in the country.  Discipline:  First Class, no one spoke Malay and I just LOVE THE LIBRARY!!! I LOVE BOOKS and I hate numbers!!! Therefore, when I further my study - I've decided to pursue a Degree in Education, majoring TESL.  This has brought me to the current magnificent life - It's nothing to others but it's just perfect for me :) In category, I belong to the group that pursue education for career development  and also knowledge.  I love to read, and I get paid for what I love to do that is reading and knowledge.  I read and I impart knowledge to students and to who ever interested. There...there...teaching and coaching can be extremely therapeutic if u love what you're doing.  To teach, you have to love teaching - NEVER EVER resort to teaching as the last option because all you'll get is just disappointment, hatred, boredom and all the negative thoughts.  You just got to love kids, or to be precise - you have to love your audience (you could be teaching across competency and age level)...Quoting my Prof. He said "Make them love you and the rest will just fall into place".  Another lecturer said "Always show your students that you are at least one step ahead of them and they will trust you". Dr. Noor Azman Othman always say "I like to make your life easy, so my life will be easy too" I believe that's taken from a hadith about making others' life easy and Allah will grant good deeds in return, etc.  If I quote all the lecturers, or my father or many other mentors in my life I'll only be able to stop writing tomorrow LOL!

Those who are engrossed in climbing the career ladder, would pursue formal education for career enhancement. They enroll themselves in programs that are relevant to their current job and once the study is complete, they'll get a promotion + a salary raise - SIMPLE!

To conclude, I always like to go back to the Al-Quran and hadiths.  What ever you do, it goes back to the BIG thing - that is, your intention or your NAWAITU... None of us is immortal, some day, some where, we are going to die and meet Allah.  Before that, we must gauge all the good deeds we can perform now as an investment for the hereafter.  We are answerable to everything that we do in life.  Our solah, our sedekah and the knowledge we impart for the benefit of others.  We are encountered for all the good and bad deeds.  I am a person of sin.  I have sinned.  I am not a good serf to Allah but deep in my heart, I just wish that Allah will have mercy on me.  I do not have to prove my sincerity to anybody accept Allah - he who knows, sees and hears everything.  May Allah accept all the knowledge I impart to others and erase my sins from the book currently placed on my left shoulder...Amiin

I will  sleep tonight knowing it may be my last, I hope for tomorrow if not I have been blessed, I thank you Allah please forgive my past, I hope for another day for good works and pray, I love you Allah, nothing else to say!!!


  1. amin my friend...

    who knows, one day, berkat doa you, i too will given the chance to do what you do. InsyaAllah...

    first, need to settle the PS phobia. hahaha!!!